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SocialEyes - Augnháralím

SocialEyes - Augnháralím

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We’re a false eyelash company… but one day a friend pointed out that some lash glue is made with dead animal byproducts and that didn’t fly. Eww!
Between that weird fishy smells and some glues causing irritation because they are not actually 100% latex free we decided we’d had enough. We’re happy to say we’ve made a better false eyelash glue, just for you <3

Apply a thin layer to the lash band and allow to dry for 20-30 seconds. You want the glue to be tacky.

Since this is a latex free formula, it’s best removed with an oil based makeup remover. Gently press a cotton pad with makeup remover to your eye, let it sit for 20 seconds or so and slowly slide down towards your undereye. Your lashes should slide right off. You can tidy up the lash band of any excess glue by using your nails or tweezers, being very gentle as they are delicately hand made.
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Contains no animal by-products - 100% vegan Is Latex-Free Contains no Fromaldehyde or Phthalates Is Quick Drying Dries perfectly clear


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