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Dust & Dance

Dust & Dance - Cosmetic Glue

Dust & Dance - Cosmetic Glue

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Dust & Dance cosmetic glue is the best and easiest glitter glue around (trust me - I've tested a lot!) This non-irritating, water-based adhesive is specially formulated for safe use on the skin. When dry it forms a waterproof bond with the skin which can last for several days (yes - that's a whole festival!)

The perfect way to create intricate designs with your Dust & Dance glitter, and when you want your designs to stay put until you take it off (either rub gently with hot soapy water or wipe with an oil based product such as baby oil)

The 8ml glue comes in a non spill bottle with a sponge applicator which enables a thin layer of glue to be easily applied.

This cosmetic glue is safe to use on the skin and adheres to European cosmetic regulations, however, as with all cosmetic products irritation can occur so please avoid using on sensitive areas (e.g. eyelids) and always perform a patch test first for happy skin!
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What is the best way to apply Dust & Dance glitter? •As with all cosmetics, irritation can occur so always perform a patch test prior to use •Always read the safety instructions first. SKIN •Apply a thin layer of cosmetic glue or balm & allow to go tacky. Apply glitter by pressing on with finger tips. •Remove with cotton wool and baby oil & soap & water, taking care not to scrub too hard HAIR •Apply a small amount of hair gel before patting or sprinkling glitter on, and then set with hair spray. Remove with shampoo and water. NAILS •Apply by pressing on to nails after the base coat and before the top coat Product Information •Loose glitter can be used on face, hair, body and nails •Made in China •All glitters made from PET Plastic •Vegan friendly and cruelty free •Considered safe as defined by General product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC Safety Information •Must be used with a cosmetic balm/glue/hair gel or nail lacquer as an adhesive •Not to be ingested •Not to be used too close to the eye •Can cause irritation and abrasion when removed. Always perform a patch test prior to use. If irritation persists seek medical advice •If product enters eye, wash immediately with water and if irritation persists seek medical advice •Dust & Dance cannot accept any liability for use other than advised.


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